In 1980 the Directors of H B Selby Australia Pty Ltd recognised the need for a continuing source of funds to help finance education, research and development in science and medicine.

The Company had been involved in these fields for some 80 years as a supplier of scientific instruments, laboratory apparatus and chemicals. Accordingly the Selby Scientific Foundation was established with contributions from H B Selby Australia Ltd, members of the Selby family and a number of shareholders in the Selby company.

The Foundation has been managed by Trustees and more recently Directors of the Trustee company. The Directors include two members of the Selby family and three independent Directors providing experience and expertise in the fields of education, investment and finance. The aim of the Trustees is to maximize the contribution that the Foundation is able to make to scientific education and research in Australia. The Foundation has over a period spanning more than three decades, delivered a significant legacy to more than 100 recipients and twelve institutions. 


Marley Pty Ltd
Directors: G H Selby (Chairman), Professor J A McKenzie AM,
G A Martin, E B Selby

The original Trustees were: Dr A L Rees CBE and Messrs E J Selby, J C Johnston CBE, E E Haines, and K Wood
Former Trustees include: B A Selby, Prof Ray Martin A O and B B Teele

E.J. Selby E.J. Selby
B.A. Selby B.A. Selby